Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holland's 2nd

Holland had her second birthday and it was a sweet simple day for our family.  Briz had been ecstatic about having a birthday party for her and eating cake and ice cream.

Nick and I shed some tears thinking about what Holly would be like as a two year old and reflecting on all of the many hard moments in the last two years.  But thinking about her as a two year old, and also about her birth makes me smile.  I'm glad we can do something to make the smiles continue.

We met at her grave with some family and friends to write messages on balloons and let them go.  It's funny, but we got just as excited to see how high the balloons get.  This year, they seemed to follow the sun, right where it was peaking out from the clouds.

And then there was some that got caught in the phone wires :/  Good job Papa!

Her grave is starting to look a bit more mature.  For a while, the grass wasn't grown in, but now it's starting to look more like the others.  It looked particularly pretty that day with all of the flowers people brought.

We got a lot of support from our family and friends, who let balloons go. We loved it!  It seems kind of silly, but it really does mean a lot to us.  

Above is our friends Steven, Meredith, and Weston letting go of balloons in Massachusetts.

Paul, Mac, Dane, and Lincoln in California.

Grandma Great in Utah.

Pops in Utah.

Briz asked that Holly would send her a rainbow for her birthday.  Brittany sent us this picture.  Briz thought it was pretty amazing.  But she was also not surprised at all.  

Daniel, Carly, Sadie, and Elise in Utah.

Molly, Michele, and Maryjane in Utah.  And it was MJ's birthday too!  What a nice cousin.  Aunt?

Ronell, Bri, Palmer, Portia, Teya, and Thatcher in Washington.

After balloons, we had cake and ice cream at our house.  It was a rainbow cake, per Brizzy's request (notice a theme?).  

It was a good day.


Cristi Benedict said...

I loved reading this. Your family releasing balloons for you guys is not silly at all! It's wonderful. You are a strong family. I'm sure Holly is so grateful she gets to be with you after this life! xoxo

Kim said...

What awesome family and friends you have! Having that support is priceless. Families are forever!!! <3