Thursday, September 19, 2013


Labor Day Weekend was a bit of a bust, but we still managed to have fun as a family.  

We were excited to go to the beach on a supposed sunny day.  The Oregon Coast fails again!  At least it was still somewhat warm.  But the fog was crazy.  It was so bad that a crabbing boat came speeding into the shore, slamming on the brakes as it crashed into the sand - it couldn't see that the shoreline was there.  

We headed to Pacific City so we could climb the dunes.  Briz was a champ and ended up climbing the whole thing to the top.  For those of you who know Pacific City, you know that's a feat for an adult, let alone a four year old.  My calves were really sore the next day.  We jumped and sprinted down the huge dune, and Briz just giggled the whole time.

Nick followed that up with some handstands.

Love the feeling of putting on a warm sweater after the beach, and getting into a warm, cozy car.

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