Saturday, September 21, 2013

Preschool Northwest

Briz has been going to daycare/preschool since she was 18 months, so this felt a little bit anti climactic.  However, this was her first day at her NEW school at Nike.  We have been on the wait-list for this amazing school for two years, so we were all pretty excited she got in.  She was mostly excited about her outfit on her first day.  My favorite thing is that I don't have to pack her a lunch.  Oh, well, I also love the fact that they send home an email every day she goes, tells us a detailed play by play of what they have done.  And they give me specific follow up questions to ask when Briz gets home. Yippee!  Excited to see her grow and learn and make new friends this year.

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Amander N said...

Ahhh, so Nike of you guys. And that preschool sounds amazing. I want to go there.