Friday, February 7, 2014


Nick and I wanted to plan a trip for our ten year anniversary, but it turns out that this baby inside my tummy sort of ruined our plans, seeing as it should be popping it right around that time.  We decided to take our anniversary trip early and take a break from the cold, rainy weather.   We looked for a while for the best deal we could find, and just landed on Cancun simply because it was the cheapest.  I didn't have the highest expectations, but thought it would simply be nice to sleep in the sun. 

I was pretty anxious before I left (I always tend to get anxious when I leave Briz).  We had just gotten over being sick (Nick still had a bad cough when we left), and so I was trying to catch up with life from then, let alone get everything ready to be gone for a week.  But once I got on the plane, I felt excited.  I was so spoiled because for most of our flights I sat first class.  Not sure I can go back!

Our hotel was ridiculously nice.  I don't think I have ever stayed in a place this nice before.  Our room was huge and had an amazing view of the ocean.

I could not believe how blue the water was.  And I immediately loved smelling the ocean air.  At night, I loved sleeping with the sliding doors open and listening to the ocean waves.  

We spent most of our days lying out in the sun. The sand was so soft.  And our beach was quite and private.  The water felt like bath water.

We also spent time swimming in the pool when we wanted a break from the sand.  It was fun to just sit in the pool for hours and talk and laugh.

I wasn't sure if Nick would be able to lounge for a week, but I was quite impressed.  Gave me hope for future trips.

Our big adventures were taking the city bus into Wal-mart for food to sneak into our hotel room.  And riding the city bus down South through Playa del Carmen and to Tulum. 

Nobody speaks any English in Cancun, and we don't speak any spanish, so that didn't help us in trying to navigate the local transportation system.  In Tulum, we got a little lost, and ended up walking probably about 7 miles to get to the ruins (my body hurt after that).

But the ruins were amazing.  

And the beach right below the ruins were stunning.

A picture of the temple.

We also ventured over to another beach one day and went boogie boarding.  I went for about 30 minutes and got completely wiped out.  I hate feeling like such a wimp but pregnancy does that to me.  It made me feel a little better when Nick got wiped out.

Even still, it was fun.  Boogie boarding is better without a big belly in the way, but I'll take what I can.

This is the lobby of our hotel, and you can see how big my belly is!  Again, I grew a lot just in the week of being gone.

Our last day Nick had to stay out of the sun because he was sunburned so badly, but I of course wanted as much sun as possible.  We were both in denial about leaving.

A final goodbye to one of the best weeks ever.  It was truly so relaxing and a lot of fun to just be with Nick for a week.  I still kinda like him.

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Amander N said...

I almost didn't read this post because your trip has made me so jealous. But you definitely deserved an AMAZING time and I'm glad you got it! And happy early anniversary to you two :)