Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow snow snow snow!!!

Last week we had a great surprise upon returning from 80 degrees in Cancun.  20 degrees in Portland!  That is COLD for here.  I  heard a lot of buzzing about snow but I didn't take it too seriously.  Portlandians are funny when it comes to snow.  They talk it up a lot.  And usually nothing happens, so I just assumed that was still the case.

Thursday morning I got in my car to go to the grocery store and there were a few flakes starting to come down.  When I got to the store, it was mayhem.  You would have thought the world was ending.  I have never seen it that crowded, and it made me laugh (also a bit annoyed).  But as soon as I stepped outside to my car I stopped laughing, because there was a ton of snow on the ground!  It took me over an hour to drive home in what normally takes me about ten minutes.  And I almost got in two car accidents (Portland owns like 2 snow shovels total).

This is when it first started coming down.  It reminded me of being in Utah: snow and construction.

It kept coming down for four 1/2 days!  It was awesome.  We were totally home bound; we went sledding, made snow angels, made a snowman, and I made lots and lots of food.  Of course the best part was Briz was so excited.  Although I am pretty sure her absolute favorite thing was having hot chocolate.  It was such a fun adventure.

By Monday late afternoon, it stated to rain.  Tuesday morning we woke up to hardly any snow on the ground.  I was ready to get back into the routine of things (after being sick and then being gone I was feeling very behind with work and just life in general).  

Every year we hope we get snow once, and this was our perfect fun snow storm.  Everything shuts down and people live a slower pace of life for a little bit.  One of the many reasons I love Portland.

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