Wednesday, April 23, 2014

7 months! Yahoo!

So I am around 7 months.  I'm not gonna lie, I get a little confused counting months.  Counting weeks makes more sense to me, but for some reason I got excited thinking about being around 7 months pregnant.  It makes her arrival feel closer.  

I am definitely in the third trimester, and I know this because . . .

1.  I started itching.  Which means blood taken every week and a lot more doctor's appts.  My Dad took Briz on a date last week, and he asked her what we had done that day, and she said, "Oh we got some bloodwork done."  She is learning a lot about needles and conquering her fear vicariously through me.  I look forward to getting my blood taken.  No really I do.  Its feels relieving.  I have to assure them every time I'm not a heroine addict.

2.  I am getting rather large.  Here is my belly at 29 weeks.  I swear this picture makes me look smaller than I am.  I feel pretty huge.

Much of my old maternity clothes that I wore up until the end of my last two pregnancies no longer fit me.  It makes me feel really good about myself.

3.  I am getting more and more excited for her to arrive.  I bought my first baby item for her: a car seat.  Sounds boring but I was excited.  I am in nesting mode, wanting to organize and clean everything.  Which is problematic when I am supposed to be lying down.   I think it takes me up until the third trimester to start getting anything ready for babies' arrival.  

4.  My belly is constant entertainment.  She is still moving a ton, and I love to just sit there and watch her kick and roll.  It's my favorite (and probably only thing I actually like) about pregnancy.  Nick is still pretty weirded out by it.

Now we just need a name.  Any suggestions?  


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Amander N said...

You really don't look big at ALL here. I swear my stomach is bigger than yours.

And you should name her Amanda. Or Mander. Either one is acceptable.