Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer Fun Part II

I can pretty much wrap up all of our summer fun into two posts.  Sort of sad.  We had a long, hot summer here in Portland and anytime anyone complained about it, I gave them a hard time.  That is, until I ate my own words.  We took Ruby with us to Oaks Park one day and met some friends there.  And it was hot!  We were planning on staying for most of the day but only lasted three hours because we were all sweaty and wiped!

They started out as excited as could be.

And ran to every ride, laughing and jumping up and down.

I noticed signs of fatigue when Brizzy broke down on the carousel for not getting her favorite horse.

Wembley went on her first roller coaster when she went on the carousel.  She seemed to feel pretty neutral about it.

They didn't want to ride on the train but I made them so they could have a chance to rest in the shade.

I tried to buy them slurpees but they were all sold out.  So we left early, went to 711 and walked around in a little stream to cool off.

The second fun thing we did in the heat was run in our old ward's fun run.  Briz didn't seems enthused as she was last year, so I expected a lot of whining and walking.  I really saw her competitiveness come out though.  She's a little bit intense.  I thought I would need to jog with her, but she totally left me in the dust, and I felt very slow pushing wembley in the jogger.  I felt particularly awesome about myself barely crossing the finish line.  Since then, we have decided to help reinforce her love of running and have gone on some family jogs (again, I am left in the dust every time).

Glad we got to enjoy summer a little bit and can't wait until next year!

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Meredith said...

I LOVE that blue polka dotted dress! Adorable. (Sometimes I get jealous of cute girl dresses.)