Tuesday, September 30, 2014


With two adults, and a 5 year old that thinks she is an adult, this little baby girl gets smothered very often.  She is constantly being held, kissed, talked to.  She is the perfect baby for it because she loves talking to people.  She is a chatterbox.  And she loves giving kisses.  She gives wide open slobbery, french kisses.  And her favorite hugs are cheek to cheek.  

Dad snuggles with Wembley in the morning sometimes. Often Briz will jump into bed with them.  

Wembley loves her big sister.  She watches her like a hawk, but she has also become a bit weary of her.  She appreciated Brizzy's baby talk at first and then usually soon after cries or gives me a  look like the one above.  "Uh mom, please save me."

So happy to finally have matching jammies.  Thank you Grandpa Ainge and Grandma Pam!  

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