Sunday, September 21, 2014


I end up calling her Wems most of the time.  Its usually that or Wembley Woo.  I feel like I have sort of neglected the updates with her, and all of a sudden she is over 3 months old!  I have yet to take any good pictures of her with my camera, so that is one of my most recent goals.    But in the meantime, here is some information about her.

She now drinks breastmilk from bottles.  I was nursing her once every other day to keep it up, but am now not allowed to because of her aspirating.  She loves eating and is extremely impatient.  She sounds like she is being tortured if she has to wait longer than 30 seconds to get her bottle. Before we figured out that she aspirates, she was a horrible eater.  She was constantly gagging, choking, spitting up, squirming, and puking.  But now she only does a little bit of that.  She is a super slow eater, but I don't mind.  I love the time with her just to sit and stare at her.  I was sad initially when I had to give up nursing because I love the special bonding time of nursing, but we have turned bottle feeds into special time.  And she grazes her hand on my chest and plays with my hair.  I love it.

She is the funniest little model.  Whenever I pull out my phone, she stares straight at it.  She has also caught onto her video monitor and stares straight at it all of the time.  

She loves being naked!  If she is upset I can pretty much guarantee she can be happy by doing one of three things: getting her naked, giving her a bath, or putting pressure on her belly.  She also is such a stretcher.  When I change her diapers, she loves to sit there and chat with me.  

When she smiles, it kind of looks like a pirate.

She uses her hands so much like her Dad.  She has really long fingers and is always moving them (also always moving her legs).  Her hands are almost always on her face somehow.  Lately, she likes to cover her eyes with her hands.

Considering all of her tummy issues, she is a happy little thing.  She is extremely extroverted.  She loves anytime anyone gives her attention and talks to her.  And she never wants to be left out.    I can't get enough of this cute smiley girl.  She is definitely not mellow, but she is my little pal.  I love seeing her grow and her personality develop.  

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