Saturday, April 18, 2015

February California Style

I like to visit my sister in San Diego once a year in the spring.  Last year I was pregnant and on bed rest so that sort of nixed my annual plans, but this year Nick got me and Briz flights for Christmas.  I always hate it a little bit when I got and its nice weather in Oregon.  And this year it rained most of th time in San Diego.  I keep telling everyone in California I just need to go there more often to solve their drought problems

On our flight out there, Nick had to drop us off a bit early so he wouldn't miss a meeting at work.  I normally don't like to be there any earlier than an hour and a half, but we had a good 2.5 hours before the flight took off.  And then  . . . our flight got delayed 4 hours.  So we hung out in the airport for 6 hours.  It didn't end up being as bad as I would have imagined.  The girls were awesome.  But I was carrying around a lot of bags and walking a lot to different places.  i.e. when Briz needed to go to the bathroom, I had to put Wembley back in the front pack, and haul all of or stuff to the bathroom.  This Diet Dr. Pepper saved me.  And good news was I got of a money for Alaska.

When we took off Briz insisted that I take a picture outside for Dad.

Briz was so excited to see her cousins.  Briz loves the Michels nighttime ritual of watching Daniel Tiger. 

The first morning, Mac had to take Dane to preschool, so I had the girls and Lincoln.  I had no car so I decided to walk them up to the park.  Paul and Mac live on a very big hill, and the pool and park are at the top of it.  It's quite massive, especially when you're pushing a 5 and 2 year old in a double stroller and carrying a baby in a front pack.  It was a good workout that's for sure.  This picture of me smiling is of course before I started walking.

Once again, Wembley loved the swing.  And also, can't really handle the sun.

Briz loved talking to Lincoln in a bossy patronizing voice.  He was the perfect age for it.  

I made Mac take us to the beach one afternoon after nap time.  It was so beautiful.  The water was freezing but Brizzy thought it was warm enough to play in.

Raja, the boys neighbor and adopted member of the family came along.  Briz was her shadow all week.

Wembley had her first experience of eatng sand and seemed to enjoy it.

At the house Wembley was in heaven.  She had just started crawling and they have a ton of toys in their family room so she thought it was so great to grab new blocks and cars and chew on them nonstop.  She also loved being around Baxter.  The first day she was a bit scared of him, but soon they become friends.  Whenever Wembley was in the room, Baxter would wedge his way to be right next to her and was a great sport when she poked and grabbed.  He loved to lick her in the face and would then look up at me asking if that was okay that he gave her kisses.

Brizzy and Dane have a love hate relationship.  They are both definitely the oldest child and like to push each others buttons.  Dane was trying to get to Briz by sticking his leg on her during Daniel Tiger.  

On the last day there, it was hot and sunny.  We went and explored some ships along the bay.

We also found a submarine which led to the funniest series of pictures.  Brizzy was trying to get the boys to give her the "secret password" and I couldn't stop laughing.  I think I should have a caption contest for these pictures.

After the boats, we went across the street to this awesome splash pad and park.

And again Wembley loved the swings.

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