Saturday, April 18, 2015

San Diego Zoo

We went to the zoo one day.  San Diego is always awesome.  And huge.  It makes me tired. 

The giraffes are one of my favorite exhibits because they are so close.  Plus there were a couple baby giraffes.

Briz wanted to take a picture of the lazy kangaroos for Dad.

Saw the rhino getting his bath.

Briz was whiney and tired and fairly unimpressed with the zoo.  She asked to sit so I attempted to fit both girls in the Bob, but Wembley was not a big fan.

Posers in front of the elephants.  I think we may have bribed them to get this picture.

Dubs loved her aunt Mac.  

Brizzy being protective, mostly so her sister wouldn't cry and she could stay in the jogger.

A moment where these two decided to love each other.  They yelled, "I love you more than my mom!"  while chasing each other and giggling.

One of my favorite moments was the orangutan with her baby attached to her.  She swung across the field with her baby clinging to her hair.  It was so cute.  And Briz is making a weird face in this picture.

Brizzys favorite exhibit was the gross petting zoo.  She became very attached to a little black goat and wanted to take it home.  Awesome.

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