Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Library

There was this tiny little library branch right by our house and they just expanded it and I'm extremely geeked out about it.  For a few weeks we were going a lot!  

On one day, we met our friends for Science Story Time.  We learned all about colors.  Briz loves bringing Wembley and being the big sister/helper.  She asked me the other day when Wembley was going to start preschool.

Wembley loved meeting up with a lot of friends.  She thought she was so cool being with the big kids.

I love all of the free stuff the library has to offer.  They did a few different experiments with color, and learned how to hypothesize and come up with results.

On another day we brought friends to Lego Mania.  Wembley really wanted to chew on all of the legos and I really wanted to let her know but only stopped her out of public humiliation.

Briz brought her friends Lila and Savannah and were supposed to build the tallest tower they could.  They then played lego bingo.

But the girls were really excited to pick out books.  And they sat quietly for a long time just reading.  This picture is my favorite.  

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Amander N said...

You always do such fun things with your girls. Sometimes I feel bad for Zeke that he doesn't have a mom that will do activities every day with him. If we lived by each other I'd make you take Zeke with you.

I have tried to find library time for him, but the two libraries closest to us don't allow kids under 2 at their story times. Pisses me off.