Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Brizzys Art Work 2016

Looking over this art work, it makes me laugh, smile, and just love my sweet little daughter.  I love how expressive she is through writing and art.

A picture and sentence she had to do in school when using the word, "near."

Getting excited about her Spring Break trip to "Reeno."

A book she made about her favorite things: Reading . . 

Going to church . . .

Playing soccer . . .

Reading the scriptures . . .

swimming . . .

Helping my mom and giving her hugs . . .

playing basketball.  

Those are a lot of great favorite things.

This was her self evaluation at school.  This little girl is SO hard on herself.  After she filled this out, her teacher told her that she was a model student and excelled at all of those, but she somehow had managed to find a way that she wasn't perfect.  Such a first child.  

A sweet note to her Dad.

Can't believe she drew this cow on her own.  Random and cool.

If you can't read this, she wrote down the lyrics to the Whip nae nae.  Just in case she forgot them.

Self affirmations are important in our house!

And not sure if all 6/7 year olds are like this, but holy cow, she's excited to get baptized.

Practicing writing down her testimony.  

Some of the art work from her art class.  

From her piano recital back in December.

More from art class.

I have about 1,000 of these.  I want to keep all of them (because I know I will want them in the future), but there begins to be an issue of storage.  Also love how she uses the word SO to emphasize her point.

1st grade self portrait.

She loves our family.  And I love her.  I feel so lucky she came to us first.

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