Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spring Break/Easter

For Spring Break, headed down to Reno with my friend Megan.  We decided we didn't want to stick around for the rain, so we went to see Julia.  We had a fun and crazy few days.  

First day we went to the childrens museum in Reno.  It's awesome!  And the kids had a blast exploring.

They have this cool cloud, climbing thing that they spent forever on.

And a fun water feature that Wembley loved.

Getting all of the kids in the picture was a feat.  But we got two random kids in it as well.  They really didn't want to get off the dinosuar bone thing.

When we got back the older kids went in the hot tub while the little napped.

And then they played a board game.

That night we had an awesome dance party where the older three showed off their whip nae nae skills.

Carly and Wembley LOVED baby Tess.  They followed her around and wanted to take care of her.

The next day we went up into the mountain and played/sled in the snow.  It was so sunny!  I was not prepare for it and my kids faces got fried.

But my girls love the snow and it was fun to have a quick trip to it.  

It was a lot of work for all of us helping pull the kids back up the hill after sledding.

And Briz tried to work on her snowboarding skills.

After the mountain, we drove down to Lake Tahoe and ate some lunch.

And played at the park.  

The next day we went to a park in Reno where Wembley followed Carly around.

And insisted on being in the same swing as her.

We got home, put the littles down for a nap and the older kids "laid out" and read.  

We then went and saw a movie.

And ate at In n Out.  Wembley was as big a fan of the french fries as me.

The next morning we left, and we tried to get a cute pic of all of the little buddies together, but Grant was not interested.

When we got home, we celebrated Easter at our ward Easter party.  Wembley was extremely excited about getting eggs.

As was Briz (not that you can tell).

And Papa and Nona came out to be a part of the excitement.

We came home and dyed our own easter eggs for the next day (Wembleys cheeks are so red still!  They were like blistering and I felt terrible.)

The next day the girls were excited to open Easter baskets and find matching Easter dresses.  Thank you Costco.

And then they fought over the picture of Holland.

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