Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy 60th to my Dad

Some friends threw my Dad a 60th birthday party in April.  My Mom asked me to do a game, so I put together a slide show where people had to guess his age for each picture.  I loved finding these pictures and wanted to share some of them on the blog.  I think I thoroughly embarrassed him with some of the pictures so mission accomplished.

Him at Disneyland with his older brother Doug.  They used to drive down to Santa Monica to visit his grandma and go to Disneyland regularly.  It's why he loves it so much.  

A cute little 2 year old.

Afraid his little sister Laurie is going to destroy the cake.

Who wears short shorts? He's the guy on the farthest left.

He got SO dark as a little boy.  His brothers called him chocolate boy and he hated it.

With all of his siblings and his Dad.

With his whole family as a teenager.

With my uncle Colby and James while he and my Mom were dating.

Sweet tux at his Prom.

Nothing depicts the 70's like this picture.

In front of our house in California.


Meredith said...

Those pictures are awesome!

Amander N said...

Such a fun way for you guys to celebrate! And I loved seeing the throwback pics.