Tuesday, October 11, 2016

March 2016

I am WAY behind on my blog posts.  For a while I decided that I wasn't going to post anymore because the website that I used to transfer my blog into a book no longer offered the service so I was bummed and thought maybe a blog was pointless.  But I was looking through old posts last week and realize that I have been bad about documenting my family lately and regardless of what I do with my blog, I love having it to look back and remember events.  So here goes the beginning of catching up with 2016 . . .

Basketball continued into March and Briz continued to be tough.  She got less and less shy about asking for the ball.  Most of the time she would stand right next to her teammate and yell, "Pass!"  over and over again.  

Wembley continued to be a menace at games.  She found friends at every game and followed them around.  As long as she wasn't screaming or running onto the court I was happy.

When Portia came down to visit, Nona bought them each dresses that they were very excited about.  They thought it was fun to put on their dresses and put on a show for us.

Our friends, the Brunos held a concert at the local high school auditorium raising money for Holly's cancer treatment.  I had no idea it was going to be SO nice.  There was so much talent that contributed and I felt bad bringing Wembley because it was way too nice to have a toddler there.  Briz sang as part of a group of girls.  They all sang, This is my Fight Song.  It was sweet and Briz was excited to be a part of it.

I started studying for the National Counseling Exam. Yuck.  It had been way too long since I actually studied and was hard to get back into the swing of things.  I obsessively made notecards for every thing I needed to remember.  I ended up making thousands.

Wembley was feeling a little under the weather one day and she let Briz come home and snuggle with her after school.  My favorite moments.  Wish Dubs would do this more often.

Wembley is very into what she wears.  She has strong opinions.  For a week, she wouldn't take this hat off.  She also insisted on wearing a necklace.

We had spring student conferences for Brizzys class.  She has done awesome and its fun to see her not only do well in school but enjoy it so much.

On our day off of school, I took Briz to masterpiece art studio where she got to paint, stencil, and make things out of clay.  She was in Heaven!

Wembley colors for about 5 seconds before she decides she's done so not quite as fun for her.

Wembley and I went to the library regularly in March, and the first thing she always insisted on doing was sitting down at the computer.  She basically just banged on the computer for a few minutes.

Briz took a lot of selfies.  They're really good! 

On St. Patricks Day I did a scavenger hunt for the girls.  They loved it.

Except Wembley struggled at this time of night.  She was ready for bed.  

After finding the treasure, we made green floats.

Nick decided randomly one Saturday to cut down the huge Maple tree in our front yard.  It was a big tree!  

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