Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Summary

I am not posting any Christmas pictures on here because I just put up a jazillion on facebook, so if you're very curious, you can look there.

But I will tell you how it went. It was great, overwhelming, but great. All of my family, minus my brother who is on a mission in Puerto Rico, was there. Nick, Briz, and I, went up to Portland for a week to stay at my parents. It was mostly fun seeing my niece and nephew and Briz interact. Palmer could care less about Briz, but Portia is obsessed. The two words to describe her best are nuturing and aggressive. Here are some of the things we did:

Went to downtown Macy's to visit Santa
Built gingerbread houses
Had Santa come and visit our House
Saw Christmas lights
Went caroling
Played games
Watched movies

Christmas Day was nuts with so many people. It took us like 4 hours to open presents, because everyone just wanted to watch the little kids. Briz loved ripping the paper and opening her presents. She cared a little more about them than I thought she would (probably not a good sign). And it was fun having her there on Christmas morning, even though she doesn't really get it. I spoiled Nick with golf passes, a new golf bag, and a new iPhone (yes, I caved thanks to Brett). And I got a Wii Fit which I'm very excited about: I now like video games, at least ones that make me burn calories.

We came home for a few days to unpack, relax, and unwind. And then we repacked and went to Black Butte for a few days with the whole gang again. It was a rough few days, because Nick couldn't go skiing (he has to get knee surgery for his torn ACL, among other things). Not only was he injured, but he got really really sick. Briz was sick pretty much the whole time, and then from lack of sleep, I think, I got sick. Luckily, I was able to go skiing for one day, and I got an amazing massage from aunt Sharyl.

But now we're home, and I think maybe just barely recovered. Thank goodness Christmas wore me out, because otherwise I would still be depressed it's over. January kind of sucks.

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