Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girls Night In

It was our turn to babysit last Saturday night, but Ethan couldn't make it, so it was girls night in with Sophie and Briz. They are two peas in a pod; they have always been very similar with their personalities and size (although Briz' cheeks are quite a bit chubbier now and she is a little bit more intense). They even talk the same baby talk.

They had fun sharing (stealing toys from each other) and copying each other's moves. While they were watching Signing Times, they even held hands. It's fun to see them interact, since they've been around each other at just a couple months.

Can't wait until our next slumber pary!


Kelly Munns said...

who is that cute little sophie? they are very cute together.

Jen said...

cute! i'm glad she had fun :)