Friday, March 19, 2010

Dog or Child?

I've had a few friends who don't have kids, but have a dog, ask me if its similar. And yes, sometimes, it's exactly the same!

This morning, Briz pooed and peed all over my carpet, then proceeded to crawl through the poo and pee, getting it all over her body. When I started yelling, "Ew, gross, gross, gross!" She just looked at me with this innocent face, like, what's the big deal Mom?

I never used to want to get a dog, but since Briz, I have wanted to really bad because I love seeing her interact with animals. I figure I'm a little more prepared now. However, I'm not sure if I really want a second child right now. Not quite ready for double the poo and pee!


Julia said...

Even as a puppy Charlie never crawled through his poo! That's one thing he has going for him.

Sierra said...

How about another child?
Ya know, instead of a dog....
Just a thought.
But you could always talk to Mckenna about it. Since I'm sitting with Baxter in my lap momentarily.

Papworth's said...

Good times with the poo! The mood I'm in, I would've probably cried if I saw that mess! How can you get mad at them ever!! She's so cute. P.S. doesn't Nick count as one of your children? I know I have two sons right now!! Maybe Nick only when he and Michael are together.

Amander said...

Yeah, Lulu hasn't crawled through her urine or feces yet. Keep my fingers crossed on that one.

And you know I fully support you getting a dog. Kids need animals :)

carzy said...