Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Signing Times with the Sader

For Spring Break, we flew to Utah. And we spent a few days with Daniel, Carly, and Sadie. In addition to staying up late playing games, going on walks, swimming, talking, shopping, and making fun of each other, it was so much fun watching Sadie and Briz interract. They were very interested in each other. Briz, in particular, was interested in stealing Sadie's pacifier, her bottle, or just using her head as a balance for standing.

Here Briz is sharing her love of Signing Times with her bff.

Although Sadie was excited in the last picture, she looks a little more hesitant about the current song playing. Maybe she heard Daniel and Nick discuss how they're going to make up their own signing times songs. Briz, on the other hand, is ecstatic about listening to a song she's heard a bazillion other times. They're probably showing food or something.

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Carly said...

We really need to buy that DVD. Sadie loved it.