Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, I'm crafty

With the help of my Mom, a couple weeks ago, I decided to learn how to begin sewing. I've been fighting it for years and years, and while I can never see myself as being really talented at it, it was kind of fun to learn the basics. Keep in mind how big of a leap this is for me. I have difficulty sewing on a button!

These are some silky/soft blankets for baby presents, and one for Briz of course. She has a small one like this, and she LOVES it, so I thought I'd make one so when her other one gets all nasty, she'll have her transitional object to cuddle with.

And I made a bunch of head bands for her. I got some stretchy elastic from the Fabric Depot (man that place is awesome but a little overwhelming), some fake flowers from Joanns. A little cutting, a little sewing, a little touch of the hot glue gun, and voila! Now, a lot of you probably think, yeah, that's easy, I already knew how to do that. But like I said, its brand new to me. And its probably a good thing that I don't have a sewing machine or money, because I could definitely see how this could become an addiction.


Evie Wonder said...

So cute!! From beginner to expert in just a few projects!

Amander said...

I asked for a sewing machine two Christmases ago. I got it, but I have yet to use it! I want to, I am just too lazy right now.

Your stuff is cute though - hopefully that will give me inspiration!