Monday, July 14, 2014

Cute Cousins

Briz has been spending a lot of time with cousins this last month.

The weekend before Wembleys was born, she had a sleepover at Ruby's for her birthday party.  

Her cousin Dane came into town for a few days so she got to play with him.  And then her Cottle cousins came into town for the Cottle family reunion.

We went to central Oregon in Eagle Crest.  I had forgotten how beautiful it is there.  And I love the smell!  Unfortunately it wasn't this sunny most of the time.  It was pretty cold and rainy.

Wembley and I had a rough week, with finding out that I had a breast infection the night we arrived.  Then just as that was clearing up three days later, we got thrush.  I had found out right before we left that she wasn't gaining weight and I had forgotten a part to my pump (I was supposed to be supplementing). 

But Briz was in cousin heaven!  She just wanted to be with Libby and Kloey nonstop.  They were in their own little world.  But the power of being adored by her cousins definitely got to her head, and "mean girl" Briz came out.  It wasn't pretty.  

Every night all of the Cottles got together for dinner and whoever was hosting dinner had a chance to share some memories.  The grandkids also had a chance to ask Grandpa Cottle some questions.

The highlights were definitely Grandpa's magic tricks, and his story about Grandma Mary Lou and when they started dating.  It started with Grandma's nickname, "No Sex Olsen" and a dare to kiss her on the first date.

People got in some good Wembley cuddle time.  I love sharing my babies with people.  That was one thing that I realized after Holland died; how grateful I was that other people got to have their own special little moments with her.

And of course some family pictures.

All of the 2009ers.  The Cottles were busy that year.

Since the weather was sort of crappy, we did some indoor swimming.  

Briz also had to get in her own personal Wembley time.  She says that its her favorite thing to hold her.  It might be my favorite thing too.

Aunt Jacci made all of the girls special flower crowns.  It took like ten minutes of debating to convince Briz to leave it at Eagle Crest.

When we got back from Eagle Crest, we had more family waiting for us, to support us for Wembley's baby blessing.  Portia then stayed at Papa and Nona's for the next week.  Her and Briz got to have some quality one on one time.  And when I say quality, I mean mostly arguing and fighting.  I have a few pictures of the precious moments they were getting along.

Briz then had some more time with Ruby the night before MJ's wedding.  

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