Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not many pictures

I am starting to gradually pick up my game with the pictures, but the first few weeks, I was a little busy recovering from surgery, in addition to about two hundred other things that I didn't take many pictures.

I was lucky enough to have a bunch of family come into town the last few weeks.  My sister Briawna came into town for the day of Wembley's birth.  I felt a little bad because Bri had mentioned how she had never been to anyone's birth and really wanted to.  Well even though she would have been able to, my placenta sort of ruined her plans.  She was still nice enough to come down to meet her and help take care of Briz.  She had a fun day spoiling Brizzy. It was a treat for Briz to have some one on one time with her aunt (normally she is surrounded by her own kids).

Next came McKenna and Dane.  Again no pictures.  She flew in last minute mostly because of her serious FOMO (jk, kind of), but also to meet her newest niece.  She brought along Dane, which was great, because his freakish ability to read really sparked some interest for Briz to try to pick up her reading game (Briz is slightly competitive).  

Next came Sierra and Tanner.  They came into town for the Oregon Epic Relay, but came just in time to meet little Wembles.  They got a lot of cuddle time and were constantly commenting on her size, as most people do.

She of course has been getting a lot of attention from Papa and Nona as well.

Next came the Cottles, but they deserve their own post.

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Amander N said...

I can't believe what a crazy time it's been since Wembley has been born. You are kind of wonder woman.