Saturday, July 12, 2014

Father's Day/Anniversary

Before I continue my posts about visitors and events, I have to remember of course some big events.  We realized that June will be a busy month for us in the future: Wembley's birthday on the 10th, then fathers day usually shortly after that, and then our anniversary on the 18th.  This year happened to be our 10th anniversary!  Yikes.  Luckily we planned ahead and went to Cancun last January.  Nick still managed to get me something: a new Mac computer!  I was shocked, stunned, you name it.  I was not expecting anything.  I am excited to use my old PC as our new family computer, so I can begin teaching Briz about technology (she still calls her notebook her iPad).  And now I have a computer that I can use for work (its really the gift that keeps on giving as I will use it as a write off).

I gave Nick his anniversary present on Fathers day, because it was a combined gift.  I don't usually like to do that, but this was a particularly nice one.  I got him a really nice road bike.  I normally try to save these kinds of presents for big events like birthdays or Christmas, but I wanted him to have a chance to ride some this summer.

Briz was ecstatic about fathers day, and pushed me to make him breakfast in bed.  I thought having delivered a baby I would get a pass, but that's what an overly enthusiastic five year old will do to you. 

Briz wrote down some things she loves about her Dad.  But as you can tell from these pictures above, they don't like each other that much.  I love how much Briz adores her Dad.  Nick loves his girls, and smothers them with hugs, kisses, and tickles nonstop.  

For our anniversary, Nick asked me what I wanted to do, and I said sleep.  It was really romantic.

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