Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wembley Woo

Finding a name for a third daughter is no easy task!  The whole pregnancy, anytime Nick and I attempted to find a name we agreed on, it usually led to an argument.  We continued to postpone having any real conversations about our little girl's name up until two nights before we went into the hospital.  

Leading up to her birth, I felt like a negligent mother because people would always ask me what I wanted to name her, and while I of course had thought about it, I had no serious prospects. I liked the names Geneva and Matilda, both family names.  So I held onto them thinking that maybe eventually Nick would give in.  But of course he didn't (we are both very stubborn people).

The night before, we finally settled on two names.  I have always loved Sabrina and Nick has always hated it, but in an attempt to be nice he put it back on the table.  Our other choice was Wembley.  It was a name Nick had brought up months ago, but I dismissed it, saying it was too weird.  But as I started thinking about my girls names, I thought about how I love the meaning behind them.  With Briz in particular, I've never LOVED her name.  But often at night, Nick will put Briz to bed and tell her stories about his mission.  And I LOVE that.  She thinks its pretty special and awesome.  So after thinking about that, I put Wembley back on the table.  

Wembley has sentimental meaning for both of our families.  Its the name of the street that Nick grew up on.  This house was a house his grandfather built and that his dad grew up in.  Right around the time that I got married to Nick, my parents purchased the property next door to this very house on Wembley Park Rd.  They still there.  It also happens to be an area of London which I have been to, and the name of the stadium where Wimbledon used to be played (the name is a triple threat).

When she came out, she had lighter hair than I expected and this sweet and sassy little face.  She didn't look like a Sabrina to me, so Wembley Anne it was (Anne is after Nick's mom).   

With my babies' names it takes me a while to get used to it.  Particularly since we pick such strange names, I have to practice saying it before I fully accept it and love it.  Wembley Woo is now often: Wembles, Wems, Emme, or just Woo.   We love our little one, weird name and all.


Carly said...

Thanks for the name explanation. I think it's really cool your girls' names have a lot of meaning. My kids' names have no meaning, except that I like the way the name sounds.

Amander N said...

I LOVE names with meaning. Too bad Brian hates all of my "meaning" names (and the reverse is true as well).

I like her nicknames.