Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watch Briz as She Graduates

About 10 days after Wembley was born, Brizzy had preschool graduation.  Luckily we had a lot of family in town so we were excited to show the wonder that is Nike Preschool.  Briz was pretty pumped to show off some of the songs she had been practicing.  I had no idea it would be as intense as it was.

It was held in the Stanford auditorium (which is in the Tiger Woods building; the auditorium being named after his alma mater).  There were about 100 kids graduating and about 1,000 parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, you name it there to watch.  We got there about 15 minutes early, and yet still made it just in time to sit in the second to last row.

When Briz came out in her Nike graduation gown (yes, she had her own graduation gown), she looked so proud.  The children did their class cheer, and then sang the four songs they had prepared.  They were accompanied by a live band, and had special lighting for each song.  The best one was the last one.  It was very upbeat and went like this,

"Watch me as a I graduate
As I march around the room
It's really great.
This is what I've waited for,
Now it's time to graduate!"

The song included bouncing - you could spot Brizzy's blonde curls bouncing up and down from about a mile away - marching, fist pumping, and of course, the robot.  This just happens to be Brizzy's favorite dance move.

They then had the slideshow, which corresponded with her yearbook.  The yearbook came in her brand new Nike backpack filled with Nike schwagg.  The slideshow began with a cameo from Phil Knight congratulating the preschoolers.  How can she not be successful in life now?

We went and picked Briz up and she got flowers from Papa and Nona, and Dad.  She was absolutely beaming, it was adorable.  We then took pictures of her in front of the custom backdrop the kids made.

After the pictures, we went outside where they were serving catered snacks and had bounce houses.  I was exhausted by this point.  Pops was less than impressed with the healthy popsicles.  When I explained to him that they don't serve anything with sugar at the school he looked at me like I was speaking Chinese.

So long Nike preschool.  Even though it was a bit over the top at times, I loved knowing Briz was being so well taken care of.  Now on to public education or as Pops put it, "It's all downhill from here."

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