Thursday, October 2, 2014


Most of the summer I was feeling really reluctant for Briz to start kindergarten.  I knew she was very very ready for it, but it sort of made me sad to think about her growing up.  Fast foward a week before school and kindergarten could not soon enough!  She was constantly bugging me to entertain her.  She would wake up in the morning and say, "Who am I playing with today Mom?  What are we doing today?"  I would respond with something like, "You're playing with so and so, and then we have to go to the grocery store and then the library."  And she would inevitably respond with, "That's it!"  This girl wanted constant entertainment.

We got stuck with afternoon kindergarten, which I was not too excited with.  Strike one for public schools.  The advantage is that is leaves us a lot of time in the morning to go to doctors appts.  I took Briz to her five year check up on the first day of school and she got her shots.  She was very nervous but did great.  She held me hands with tears in her eyes and tried to force a brave smile.  The doctor made me feel like a horrible mom for giving her shots on the first day of school, but I didn't want to wait another two months to try to get in!

The front of Brizzy's school.  I was getting there and was feeling like the worst mom ever.  Turns out it didn't matter at all.

Here she is with her teacher who is definitely older than she looks.  Briz LOVES her.  She makes her artwork at least once a week. 

Briz at her table.

Me with my cute girls.  I wish I could brag about making such cute kids but they don't look like me, so can't really do that.

Briz LOVES riding the school bus.  The first day she could not wipe the huge grin off of her face.  And every day since she continues to bounce onto the bus with a big smile, feeling so proud of herself for being such a big kid.

Strike two for public schools occurred on the second day of school/first time riding the bus whens she got on the wrong bus coming home.  Apparently no one bothered to check her bus tag.  Luckily her mom's friend called me so I was able to meet Briz back at her school.  She was fine but I was very mad and had to be a scary, angry mom just the second day of school.  

But other than that, so far so good.  Its weird to be a mom with a kid in school!  

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