Friday, October 17, 2014

Baby love

I am a little obsessed with my baby girl.  I'm not afraid to admit it.  I can't stop staring at her and giving her kisses, that is, when she isn't puking.  She loves to give open mouth druely kisses with her tongue.  They're the best.  And sometimes I forget that not everyone appreciates them.  I constantly have baby barf all over me, and pumping is a very annoying chore.  But its so worth it to have this little girl with me.  

We are still figuring out her tummy issues and when she poops we like to throw a party.  Sometimes she cries so loud it makes me sick to my stomach.  But I sometimes will think about what it was like to hold Holland after she died.  I remember just holding her and wanting her to come back to life.  It was very obvious that she was dead because she looked very different, but even still, I just wished I could freeze a moment of her looking at me, or snorting or crying.  Anything.  So when I have hard, frustrating moments with Wembley, I try to remember that, and remember how one day I would give anything to hear her baby scream (scream is probably more accurate than cry really :) ).  I love my feisty, pukey baby girl.  

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Carly said...

I love how she has the same face in all these pictures. Blue steel