Saturday, October 11, 2014


Brizzy started her first season of soccer this year.  She continually told me before the season started that soccer is her least favorite sport so I wasn't expecting much, but she started out pretty strong.  2 goals in the first game.  It's gone a little bit downhill from there.  She had some negative experiences with a very large female kindergartner that tackled her a few times, and she has since gotten sort of scared.  Nick and I have to work really hard on keeping our mouths shut and trying to cheer positive things.  She is already so competitive and so hard on herself that we try not to make it too much worse.

We have a bit of a loud cheering section already with Papa and Nona coming to most games. She is a lucky girl to have them so close.

Wembley is a big fan of the games and spends a lot of the time drooling to show her enthusiasm.

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