Monday, October 13, 2014


Our good friends the Nelsons came and visited us from Reno.  It was a lot of kids, but a lot of fun.  I hadn't seen their twin babies since they were newborns, and now they're pretty much toddlers.  And Briz was in heaven having Jaron here.  

We went to the zoo one afternoon and discovered the lorikeets.  They were crazy.  One jumped on my back and I was trying to not freak out.

We also visited the crocodiles.  Right before I took this picture, I was reading about how crocodiles hunted their food.  They would slowly creep up to the edge of the water, and turn their mouth horizontal to trap food and then snap sideways quickly.  Right after Jaron and Briz put their faces up to the glass, this crocodile slowly turned around, swam towards the edge and got himself in hunting position.  I was freaking out!  It was really creepy looking.  Briz and Jaron thought it was cool.  

We fit three carseats all next to each other.  We felt pretty proud of ourselves.

I think Julia and I just need to live with each other and collaboratively take care of the kids together.  It was so fun having her around.  When they left I was so sad that my house felt so quiet :(  Move back, and bring your boat with you :)

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