Sunday, October 12, 2014

Late Summer

We have had a gorgeous year with our weather.  I was slightly bitter about it because I was incapacitated for most of it.  But the last month has been so fun, and I have loved it.  We took advantage the day before my birthday and went to Dougan falls with some friends, a swimming hole with some waterfalls.

Swimming holes aren't extremely easy with babies, but we make it work.

I love getting to sit in the back on the rare occasion and watch these two interact.  Briz is so finally to have someone back here with her to bug!  She is my little helper, always putting Wembley's binky in for me and trying to console her.  Briz also likes to pile stuff up on the carseat and when she's really tired, take a nap.  I often hear Briz complaining that Wembley is kicking her head when she's trying to nap.

And as always, I get to witness the attitude.

On another lovely evening, we went and played tennis.  Wembley was being camera shy.

Brizzy is improving in her tennis game.  Even though she cries when she doesn't hit it over and we have to tell her a million times its okay when she doesn't feel like she's "done her best," its fun to watch her get better and want to be a part of our games.

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