Friday, October 30, 2015

Saturday Shenanigans

During the Priesthood session, Megan and I decided to take the kids on an adventure.  We wanted to go on a bikeride to dinner.  It started with my bike not working, so I had to borrow Megan's husband's bike.  I got to the park and realized that I had forgotten an important piece of the bike trailer.  I had to drive home, get it, and then came back. I realized that the piece didn't work, and had to jimmy wrig the trailer to the bike.  We got to dinner, and by the time we got seated it was late.  The kids were starving, they were all having meltdowns and the food took forever.  It was dark by the time we left.  Not a big problem except that we did not have nighttime bike gear.  We had to ride through pitch black dark, and through a very sketchy park.  We used our phones as flashlights so we could see.  We made it back safely, but I'm pretty sure the kids don't trust us anymore.

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Amander N said...

Hahaha. This story made me laugh. And I could totally picture you and Mar-y doing this type of thing together, too, for some reason.