Sunday, October 4, 2015

Still Sunny

Now that Briz is in school, it's a treat when I get to be with my girls for the day.  I definitely could enter a complaint here about the school system and how ridiculous it is that they already have a day off after only like three weeks of school, but selfishly I loved it.  I loved having my girls just to me on a sunny day.  Unfortunately, Briz woke up and threw up.  I was bummed.  I made the girls nap and when they woke up, everyone seemed to be healthy and fine.  So we headed off to discover a new park in Portland

Westmoreland Park has really cool logs everywhere used as climbing structures and balance beams

I should have brought bikes, because there were a lot of trails.  Next time.

We then headed over to the sand area. The girls were occupied there for about two hours.  They had soom cool pumps and water features for the girls to play with.  

We made mudpies, soups, and all different kinds of pretend games.  Wembley mostly waddled around, tried to steal toys from other kids, and spread mud all over her body.

A very much needed break from reality for all of us.  

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Amander N said...

I wish I lived in Portland so I could just tag along with all of your adventures.