Friday, October 2, 2015

Birthday time extended

The Saturday after my birthday, I basically ditched out on being a parent.  My favorite present ever!  I was in our stake womens triathlon that morning.  I only did the swimming and biking portion of it because I had just had mono the week before and didn't want to push myself too much and get sick again.  But it was fun!  I particularly like the swim part.  I was the first one to go and I loved being cheered on.  

Then after the triathlon and soccer, Megan and I went on a bike ride downtown.  We explore some new paths, including the water walkway.  It's so cool.  We went around downtown, went through Saturday market, and stopped for lunch outside.   It's been so beautiful here; it was an awesome Saturday being able to just enjoy the sunshine and talking with my pal.

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Amander N said...

Not having any parental duties IS the best present ever.