Saturday, October 3, 2015

'Tis the Season

I have started to get into the Halloween spirit at our house.  I normally tell myself that I have to wait until October 1st, but we have such a crazy October this year with Landon's wedding and the Holly Hoop (and I told myself I was going to start doing my Christmas shopping in October this year), that I figured I might as well get into the spirit early.  That means I force Wembley to try on costumes at the grocery store for my personal entertainment.

We also made Halloween Sugar cookies and invited friends over to decorate them.  I forgot to take into account the sugar high that would ensue and it was a bit chaotic, but totally worth it to see these smiling faces.  

We also put up Halloween decorations, not that I have very many.  I am actually excited for fall this year, even though it still doesn't feel like it.  It's still 75 degrees out and sunny.  I'm still wearing flip flops and shorts.  I will never complain about that, but am actually ready for cozy weather this year.

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