Thursday, October 1, 2015

More playdates

Since Briz has been at school, I have been trying to keep Wembley entertained.  It's tough though because she still needs two naps most days (I've been trying to ween her to one but hasn't worked yet).  And in any spare moment, she thinks its a blast to just destroy my house.  She is destructive and mischievous.  We have been having a lot of playdates, and that has helped curb her destructiveness.  I joined a running group with a couple other women in my ward.  I can only do it three days a week since I work the other two, but I watch four other kids one morning and then run the other two.  I was a little hesitant, but it has been awesome.  I LOVE having the kids at my house, and Wembley loves it even more.  And its been so nice running with a friend, I forget how much more enjoyable it is than to run alone.

We have also been bike riding a little bit the last few weeks because its been such beautiful weather.  

Wesley is so sweet and willing to give Wembley hugs and kisses.  She is, however, hit or miss.

On one of our playdates, looking for leaves outside and playing on our tree swing.

Brizzy has a ball with her about 90% of the time, including in the car.

We also get to spend time with Cate lately.  Wembley just follows her around, its so cute.  And Cate's always trying to get Wembley to do things with her.  She loves being a big helper.  They spend a good 30 minutes being entertained by these stones, jumping off of them over and over again.  At one point, Cate said for 2 minutes straight, "Wembley, jump!"  Over and over again.  I love little toddlers.

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