Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It was a mixed bag kind of month.  Our house was sort of inundated with sickness.  But the beginning of the month was actually not too shabby.  Nick took Briz to her daddy daughter school dance.  So sweet.  He bought her a corsage and she got all dressed up.  Nick said that she took after me on the dance floor and was a total animal.  I'm a proud Mom.

I have been reading a lot.  And loving it.  It's both a good and bad thing, because it's pretty much all I want to do at night.  And I have way too much stuff I need to get done.  I have always enjoyed reading, but I have found that I relax in a totally different way than when watching TV.  I feel way more fulfilled when I escape through reading.  Anyways, in February, my genre of choice was mystery and freaky books about murder.  Couldn't get enough of it.  Not normally what I would choose, but I found some books I could not put down.  

I was able to volunteer at the school again.  I don't normally go out to recess with Brizzy because I'm normally trying to get stuff done for her teacher.  But I got it done earlier than normal, and it was fun to see her.  Briz is such a little show off.

We had a few playdates.  And now that its getting slightly less rainy and slightly more sunny we've started using our tramp more. It's always a big hit.  

We had a day off of school and had a blast going to pump it up.  I get a little nervous with my outings with both girls because they are at such different ages, so I love it when I find something they both really enjoy.  Not only that, but they actually played together and laughed and giggled for like 10 minutes!  

Wembley can be kind of a chicken and she was afraid of going down the slide at first, but soon discovered she loved it.  The hardest part was that she couldn't really climb up by herself.  So Brizzy tried to help her.

But this is what generally happened.  So I was hoping to be able to just sit on my lazy bum and watch my girls, I was sweating most of the time carrying Dubs up the ladder.

Brizzy was pretty worn out.  She is such a deep sleeper.  Like father like daughter.

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