Saturday, March 12, 2016

February Recovery

I got home from Hawaii and was a hermit.  It was so sad.  I felt like I was just out of the loop for almost a month.  But I was pretty miserable.  I was so relieved when I finally started to feel better!  I was able to enjoy my kids a bit more.  Brizzy's basketball season has been a fun one.  And this is one of her latest games.  Wembley is so wild at her games, but she does love cheering for her sister and her Dad (Brizzy's coach).  

We started doing some crafts.  Here we are make a fruit loop rainbow, starting to celebrate St Patricks Day.

Briz has been reading a lot as well.  Must be contagious.  I love seeing her get lost in a book.  This particular day, she was excited about her new books from the school library.  She read for probably a good 2 hours.  First outside, and then came in, grabbed a blanket, laid on the couch and read.

And I started working out again!!!  I can't explain how happy this makes me.  It's been a long few months without really being able to do much.  I'm trying to ease myself into it, which is hard for me.  But I've been doing shorter circuit training workouts at home and then some yoga.  I am excited to start running when my lungs have fully recovered.  But regardless, just happy to move a little bit.  

Wembley has been a challenge lately.  She is extremely vocal and extremely stubborn.  She is starting to get independent and wants to do everything herself.  Her tantrums and meltdowns don't last too long, but man she is loud.  And its really embarrassing in public places because she does sound like she's being tortured.  On this day, I finally had to make her put the basket back because she kept pulling everything off of the shelves and putting them in her basket.  She then walked like 2 feet every 15 minutes.  Taking the basket away resulted in a full fledge tantrum in the grocery store, which then of course resulted in a timeout (even louder screaming).  I love this firey girl, but she makes me tired.  A lot.

I wanted to take advantage of being able to exercise so I forced my girls to go on a long walk.  Brizzy loves being the oldest and pretending she is the mom.

Some silly girls with their sunglasses.

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