Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Girls Weekend . . . Sort of

My good friend Kristi, from when I lived in Salem, found out, after about 10 years of infertility that she was pregnant.  I was so excited for her.  She was having a baby shower, so I asked our friend, Julia, who lives in Reno to come and surprise her.  Really it was a great excuse to see my friend Julia and hang out with her.  

She came and brought beautiful baby girl Tess, whom I had never met.  And Tess is the perfect baby.  She honestly hardly cried and smiles and giggles at everyone.  I want a baby like this.

We hung out with Megan for most of the weekend.  And as it usually goes, we sat around and talked mostly.  Julia and Megan always force me to shop with them, but the older I get, the more I enjoy it :)  On Saturday, we went to Kristi (and Kyle's) baby shower.  Kristi was so excited to see Julia that she started crying.  It was the most amazing baby shower I've ever been to.  And Kristi deserved it.  She has always been the most generous person with others who are having babies.  It was so great to see her have her turn.  She has also happened to have the pregnancy from hell.

It was fun to see not only Kristi, but Kyle for just a little bit.  We spent so much time together with them in Salem.  We had a lot of fun laughing and joking about old memories.  Kyle was a great sport being there and tried to say the word nipple as many times as possible while "participating" in the shower.

We also got to see some old friends from Salem.  Made me remember how much I loved living there.  I felt so loved and accepted.  It was a great place to be.

Brizzy was very sad about being left out of girls night.  So after going out with my friends I decided to let her come join us.  When I went to go pick her up to have her join us for some shopping and ice cream, she was dressed up in a fancy dress with her fancy jacket and lipstick.  It was adorable.  She just wants to be a big girl all of the time.

I feel so grateful for such wonderful friends and women in my life, all over.  There's just never enough time with them!!!!

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