Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The rest of January

It started to finally stop raining, so we tried to take advantage.  We had our friend Waverly over to play.  We went on for a little walk outside and then had fun jumping on the trampoline.  I feel like I need to do a playdate with Wembley every day I'm home because she gets so bored with me.  Little toddler friends are so cute.

They then had some fun on the trampoline.

I took this picture after Nick came home one night when Nick came home with pizza.  Briz and Wembley LOVE when Dad comes home.  They scream and run to him and give him big hugs.  This night, in particular, Wembley wouldn't let Nick put her down.  I love their sweet relationship with him.

Briz continued to be a dancing machine.  She dances and sings all the time around the house.  Not a few days go by without Brizzy wanting to put on some kind of show for us.  

And Wembley really started to talk a lot in January.  She is a crazy little girl, but her happy personality makes us all laugh and smile a lot.

I took Wembley's friends, Cate and Connor with us to the zoo one day.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  It was probably my favorite day at the zoo because there was hardly anyone there and we saw the animals being so active.

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