Friday, January 11, 2013


We drove to Utah for Christmas this year to join the Cottle gang in the festivities.  The only reason it wasn't enjoyable was because the flu was passed around to everyone. The reasons the trip was awesome:

1.  We saw two movies.  Life of Pi and Les Mis.  Like one, loved the other.  

 2.  Ate here and I think it gets better each time.

 3.  Saw cousins!  Briz loves them.  Maybe too much.

 4.  Briz got to dress up as  Mary for the nativity on Christmas Eve.  She was a little bummed that she couldn't be an angel with Libby and Kloey, but then she was pretty excited about having a major role.

 6.  She took her role very seriously.

7. We had a great Christmas Eve together with an amazing steak dinner and fun family time, playing games and setting up presents for the next morning.

 8.  Briz loved her presents.  Here she is, excited about her Peter Pan book.  Truth be told, I think she wanted most of her cousins' princess presents.  She did, however, love the dollhouse from Pops and Grandma Julie.  She played with it all week. 

9.  We then spent the rest of the week in the snow for the most part.  Pictures to come soon.

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