Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Some things that have been happening in December (with the exception of Christmas of course). 

1.  Been spending some time with the cousins.  I don't know how I went for a year and a half without seeing them.  We love love love seeing them often.   

2.  Palmer has turned me on to Chess.  I have been loving it and wanting to play whenever I can.  I particularly like playing Palmer because sometimes I win (yes that's right, he beats me, quite often actually).

3.  Briz has a new idol.  Her big cousin Portia.  They are both way too alike, but Portia is "big" which means Briz worships her.  

4.  Briz finished her ballet class.  It was fairly anti climactic, but she loved getting dressed up in a tutu.

5.  Briz is very into her fashion these days.  As usual, she loves anything glittery, rainbow, purple, or pink.  But the new thing she gets very excited about are pockets and hoods.

6.  Briz worships her Dad.  Absolutely worships him.  She is constantly talking about how "Dad is the best," or "Dad is really strong," "Dad can do magic."  Generally when there's a problem, she informs me that I can't fix it, but Dad can.  The other day, I actually got a "You're the best mom!" our of her, only to be followed by a "Just like Dad."

December was a bit of a whirlwind with birthdays, Christmases, and traveling.  But I am actually glad it's over and looking forward to the new year.  

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