Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Returning Home

As much fun as going to New York City was, returning home has been . . . interesting.   It's like starting all over with our rules, chore chart, rewards, consequences, all of that.  And Briz seemed to grow up to the age of 14 while we were gone.  She now loves saying things like, "You're being rude," when I tell her to do something and "Leave me alone!" as she slams the door.  Awesome.

She cries and whines at the drop of a hat, although the crying is generally fake, dramatic crying where she throws herself on the floor, but there are no tears and if I happen to utter the word treat or candy she miraculously stops.  

Luckily, she makes me laugh enough and gives me a fair amount of hugs and kisses to balance it out for the time being.  But I am tired!

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Amander said...

I have been so jealous of your trip to NYC. But this makes me a little less jealous :).