Saturday, January 5, 2013

Palm Springs . . . a little late

I am ridiculously behind with my posts, so I am going back to Thanksgiving.  I was having issues with uploading pictures, and for some reason, it just randomly worked, without doing anything.  So I suppose that's good news, because now you get an overload of pictures.

For Thanksgiving, we headed to San Diego to visit Paul, Mac, Baby Dane, and Baby Michels (due April).  It would have been much more fun had our car not broken down, but even still, it was a good time.  I love San Diego.  Love it!!!  And I have a big problem, because every time I go there, I am pretty determined to move there.  Which leads me to my next thought: I hate money.  

We went to Legoland.  We wanted to try out a new theme park and Briz seemed like a good age for it.  Plus, it was quite a bit cheaper than Disneyland.  It was fun, but Briz was a little bummed because there were a few rides she wanted to go on that she couldn't.  This was one of the crazy ones that she was able to go on.  She has become a little roller coaster maniac (and I of course am very proud).
Serious business on a ride.  Notice the intensity in her face 

Quite possibly the slowest boat ride ever.  But she still liked it.
 After a few days in San Diego, we met the Ainge clan in Palm Springs, which was absolute heaven.  It consisted of swimming, walking out in the sun, a few games, a nice meal, and some more swimming.  

Love his expression here.  He is getting so big and his hair is getting so curly.

Briz being the goof that she is.  Too. Many. Floaties.

Love this picture because this also captures Dane. He is definitely a little spoiled with warm water. Typical Southern California boy :)

Playing bocce ball.  All of the old men in the neighborhood were jealous and wanted too join.

I think they might be the same person.  Briz is a female version of her Dad. Luckily they are both pretty cute.

Briz was also a little crazy in the water.  By the end she was swimming all on her own and eventually diving. I have no idea where this came from because she's normally sort of a wimp with the water.  

 We were the first one to get to the house and check things out.  After about two minutes of looking at everything, Nick and I noticed Briz was gone.  She was in the backyard, stripped naked and ready to jump in the pool.  I think she was a little excited (poor girl doesn't get enough sunshine).

The cute Michels family.

Brizzy loves her aunt Sisi.

And since Nick and Lando got cut out of the family picture, I thought I would share it again here.  
And our little road tripper.  She is absolutely amazing in the car. It was a 20 hour drive and she was awesome for like 18.83 hours of it, which I would say is pretty freaking good.  With six road trips in about 5 weeks, she's getting used to being on the road with Mom and Dad.  


Cristi Benedict said...

All your warm summery pictures make me want to escape this nasty winter cold here! Cute post!

Garnerfam said...

Great pictures! What a fun trip to do with family and friends. I can't believe Briz can swim. That is so awesome!