Sunday, January 13, 2013

The day after Christmas, we headed over to Midway to the Westover cabin.   It was gorgeous and fun to just be all together.

The icicles hanging from the cabin were a big hit with the girls, particularly when Nick showed them how they could be used as swords.

Last time Briz went on a snowmobile was two years ago and she screamed the entire time. This time, she couldn't get enough of it.

We went on some fun family snowmobile rides.  I think I am progressively becoming wimpier as I get older. I kept telling Nick to not go too fast, to which Briz would respond, "Come on Dad, go too fast!"

Briz was blinded by the snow.  Again, we are not used to brightness.

Putting their game faces on, getting ready to head out in the cold.

I took this only to make Grandma Julie mad at me. She never wants pictures taken of her, but someday she will be glad :) 

Making snow angels with a gorgeous view in the background.

Britty's so cute.

Forcing Kloey up the sledding hill.

Pops was the sledding engineer.  And things got a little crazy.

As you can see.

Thumbs up is tough to do with gloves on.

Sledding action shot.  

Snow hugs!

Brittany wrestling with Grandma Julie in the snow.

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