Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Basketball Season Take One

Briz played her very first basketball league this year.  And it was . . . interesting.  I know, she's a little young for team basketball, but I am very worried about her extreme girliness, so I try to balance it out.  I think her success in basketball this year could be explained by a bell curve. 

Horizontal line = Time/Season
Vertical line = basketball skills/effort (i.e. ability to make a basket)

She peaked mid season with two shots made in back to back games.  Not only that, but she was hustling up the court.  Her biggest downfall I would say is her tendency to play defense against her own teammate.  

Doing some coaching while she sat the bench

Explaining what she needs to do when the other team shoots, and she is listening intently.

Me saying, "See right there!  There's the ball!  Go get it."  If you can't tell, I HAVE coached before.  That is some genius advice.

Typical picture of the bench during the game.  

The real highlight of the season: pizza AND a trophy!  

Her coach discussed Brizzy's strengths in her attitude and smile.  Not much mention of anything related to actual basketball.

Well, she may not be the strongest player, but look at that form.

Classic Off-the-one-foot shot

Mastering the skill of the bounce pass.  Although  she never got to utilize this skill during the game.  Anytime she actually touched the ball, we encouraged her to run straight to the basket and shoot.

So excited she can hardly stand it.

Fast Break. Part I.
Part II.  Trying to keep the ball bouncing with her dribbling.

Part III.  Shooting.   And that's about as high as the ball went.

Perfect defensive position.

A few things not captured:
Her constant walking/running on her toes.
Her random twirls.
 Her standing right in  front of her teammate and putting her arms up  in the air while yelling, "Pass! Pass!  Pass!"

On her very last game, she said she was very sad basketball was over.  As far as I'm concerned, that's a win!

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