Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Highlights of March

Here are some of the highlights of March thus far:

Brizzy's cousin, baby Stu was born.  Briz was pretty excited about this little guy.  She has practiced writing his name a few times, and has been as always been drawing some extremely accurate portraits.

(We also were able to attend our friend Wesley's baby blessing, and are excitedly waiting the birth of other cousins, so the baby mania continues).

I have attempted to begin ramping up my workouts again.  The Epic Relay is coming up, and I don't want to injure my foot again, so I guess I need to train.  In an effort to go on an early morning gym run, I wore two different shoes.  Hey, at least they were both Nikes right?

Briz finished swim lessons and was a total champ.  She still sorta freaks out when she is swimming on her back (she's been doing that since about four weeks old), but overall, she just gets more and more confident, and its fun to watch.  Also, I took this picture in the locker room showers and I got some strange looks.

I am proud to say Briz is no longer consistently a pain.  She still has her moments, and she does NOT stop talking EVER, but she doesn't seem to be wanting to torture me quite as often, so that's a very good thing.  She keeps me entertained all day long.  She is a funny, funny kid.

We had Portia down for the weekend and had a blast.  The most fun part was taking the girls to Beauty and the Beast.  They dressed up in princess dresses and I am pretty sure they thought they were actual princesses, while they sang and danced nonstop.  

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