Sunday, March 31, 2013

Utah fun

While we went to Utah for Mander's wedding, we had a lot of fun with other friends and family.  

Grandma Julie and Pops were generous enough to take all of the grandkids one night, and then take them to see the Easter Bunny the next morning.  It was supposed to be an easter egg hunt, but the crazy spring snow quickly put a damper on that.  Either way, the girls were star struck.  Briz was slighlty disturbed the Bunny's vest, but other than that she enjoyed herself.

Nick and I made an awesome Pops find while shopping at Ross.  The Claw became the game to beat and Nick was a bit obsessed.  I think it may have had to do with Brittany being the first to grab the candy.

As always, Briz LOVED being with her cousins.  And she is a terrible influence on them.  You can tell by looking at the following pictures.

We were also able to go see some of our favorite people the Nielsons.  Briz and Sadie were playing pretend for a while and it was so funny to watch.  My favorite was when they slow danced together and Sadie was teaching Briz where to put her hands.

We got to go to Sisi's classroom and watch her in action as a teacher.  Her kids in her class were so funny, and Briz got to participate in a Q and A.  Sierra's an awesome teacher, and it was fun to see her.  We also got to meet Tanner, her missionary that just got home.  

Pops built a unique snowman.  Too bad we didn't bring our snow stuff.

Went and saw the Croods.  Briz and I both rather enjoyed it.  Her giggling out loud was my favorite part of the movie.

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