Friday, March 29, 2013

Mamander's Wedding

My good friend Amanda, got married last week and I am still so excited about it.  Mander and I met in London over 10 years ago and have been close friends ever since.  We lived together, watched weird movies alone together, and have been through a lot.  I like her so much, I even followed her to graduate school at the U.   She is an extremely modest person who doesn't demand a lot of attention.  So it was so fun to see her in the spotlight, and just extremely happy with her husband Brian Nelson.

Nick, Briz, and I all drove down from Portland to be a part of the festivities.

Wednesday night we had her Bachelorette party.  We went out to eat at Sammy's in Park City (which was SO good, I am definitely going back next time I am in PC).  We were planning on going Karaoking after that, but no surprise, we all blabbed way too much and didn't have time.  The rest of the night, however, I will have to leave up the imagination of the reader, because it's not appropriate for my blog.  But I will say that I haven't laughed that long in a long time.

Thursday night was the rehearsal dinner and I am pretty sure that Sam and I were only invited because we tried to force Amander to make us her bridesmaids.  As a consolation prize, she invited us with her family to a very nice dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Our "honorary bridesmaid" gifts.

Brian and Mander got married in Salt Lake on the 22nd and it was a beautiful and powerful ceremony.  I was just overwhelmed with happiness for my dear friend.  It was, however, freezing!  About thirty degrees and snowing.  What the!!!

That night she had a reception where the highlight was the unlimited diet coke and the photo booth.  Briz also thought she was part of the bridal party.

It was so fun to be a part of a fun few days with Mander and my good friends.  It makes me sad to leave Utah because I can't get enough of these fine women.

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Amander said...

This post made me tear up. It WAS so awesome to have you and Nick and Briz there. It made a wonderful day even more special.

And to have you be a part of everything - from bachelorette party, to rehearsal dinner, to the sealing, to the reception - it was great!

(And by the way, I LOVE the photobooth pic of Briz by herself. I laughed out loud about it.)