Thursday, March 27, 2014


Spring has arrived and we are pretty excited about the sunshine.  I will admit, I am also somewhat bitter about it as well.  My doctor put me on moderated bed rest.  Translation: I am only supposed to be up for a few hours during the day.  It has made life difficult to say the least, but regardless, warmer weather, flowers blooming, and sunshine still lifts my spirit even if I can't be outside as much as I would like.  We were supposed to leave for  Hawaii in a couple weeks, which we had to cancel.  So I'm glad I'm getting at least SOME sun.  

Love a new season with my girl.  She gets excited and wants to do new things.  She was very excited to help me plant flowers in some of our pots in the front yard.

As always her favorite thing to do is color.  But coloring with chalk is the best.  She has been wanting to write, "Will you . . . " lately.  Today she wrote me a note writing, "Will you be my star rock." (aka rockstar).

Rainbows, flowers, and unicorns still dominate her coloring.

Briz has her last day of swim class.  We went back to go swimming for fun and she saw her swim teacher.  She would not take her eyes off of him, except for when she was trying to show off.

In an effort to try to be down as much as possible,  I have started watching some old movies with Briz again.  I'm not a big fan of Oklahoma, but for some reason, Briz loves it.  We have also been doing a lot of reading.  We just finished Matilda.  She could not understand why her parents were so  mean in the book.  Such a difficult concept for a four year old to understand.  She is a little nervous to watch the movie because of the scary headmistress, but she decided that she will be brave.

More than anything, Spring means that we are that much closer to summer = that much closer to arrival of baby.  She can't come soon enough!  Well, except that I have done nothing to prepare.  As much as I am excited for her to come, we are just trying really hard/praying really hard to keep her in there as long as possible.  Placenta Previa is still complete and my contractions are very frequent and intense.  Briz is watching out for me and is constantly lecturing me to rest (while at the same time demanding that I help her with things :) ).  It's going to be interesting for the next few months.  Let's hope I can keep my sanity!          


Carly said...

Oh man, the contractions sound terrible. I am so sorry.

I can't believe Briz sits still while you read her chapter books.

Meredith said...

Bed rest, even moderate, sounds like a nightmare. What a hard position to be in - you want her to stay in as long as possible, but you want the pregnancy to be over as soon as possible. I feel you pain, a little.